Custom-Made Interior Shutters

Handcrafted Locally in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Wood Shutters

Constructed with premium quality hardwoods using details like dowel construction, mortised hinges and 2-way louver closure

Thermalite Shutters

Excellent for high-moisture areas, these solid synthetic shutters are non-toxic, paintable, insulating and fire proof

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    interior shutters with 3 1/2" louvers

    Enhance Your Interior with Perfect Fit Custom Shutters

    Experience locally crafted elegance from Perfect Fit Custom Shutters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. With over 20 years of expertise, our hand-crafted interior shutters radiate timeless sophistication. Each masterpiece is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing lasting quality. Enhance your home with our premium shutters, tailored to perfection for your space and style.

    Shutters Custom-Made In Multiple Louver Sizes

    Perfect Fit Custom Shutters offers versatility with various louver sizes, including traditional 1 7/8″ and plantation-style 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/2″ options. Tailor your interior with precision and style for the perfect fit.

    traditional shutters above a desk

    1 ⅞ ” Louvers

    The 1 ⅞″ louver is our most Traditional louver size. This louver size is in keeping with the older colonial style homes.

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    classic 2 1/2 inch shutters above a tub

    2 ½” Louvers

    The 2 ½” Louver is a Traditional louver size. They are often used on smaller windows and older homes but can be used anywhere for the classic traditional look.

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    Transitional 3 1/2 inch shutters on 2 bathroom windows

    3 ½” Louvers

    The 3 ½” louver is our most popular size. It is a more Transitional size louver and are appropriate for windows of any size and homes of any style. The wider spacing between louvers provides more light and view.

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    modern 4 1/2 inch shutters on living room windows

    4 ½” Louvers

    4 ½″ Louvers offer a more dramatic look with excellent views. Although they can be used anywhere, they are well suited for rooms with larger-than-average windows and/or large walls of windows.

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    Perfect Fit Means a Perfect Fit, No Matter The Application

    Perfect Fit Custom Shutters are the ultimate solution for diverse applications, including French doors, sliders, Café Shutters, and specialty shaped windows. Crafted with precision and style, our shutters seamlessly enhance any space. Versatile and tailored to perfection, they offer unmatched elegance and functionality, ensuring the ideal fit for your unique needs and preferences.

    Shop in the Washington Metro Area’s largest shutter showroom or schedule a free, no-obligation in-home design consultation.

    Shutters For Doors & Sliders

    Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, and Sidelights can be a challenge to cover. Most window coverings simply do not work on them. However with Perfect Fit’s expertise and customization we are able to offer many options to cover them and make them not only functional but beautiful.

    Café Shutters

    Café shutters, otherwise known as half shutters, cover only a portion of the window. An excellent choice for ground floor windows allowing for privacy with the addition of unobstructed light from the upper half of the window. This provides privacy while allowing light into the home too.

    Specialty Shaped Shutters

    Arches, curves, slants, circles, ovals. hexagons all need to be covered and Perfect Fit has the unique solutions to do it.

    Shutter Materials

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    Perfect Fit’s wood shutters are meticulously crafted from premium hardwoods, boasting exquisite details like Dowel construction, Mortised Hinges, and 2-way Louver closers for optimal functionality. They undergo a rigorous multi-step sanding process, ensuring a smooth finish. Finally, our exclusive water-based coating is applied, providing lasting protection and enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.
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    Thermalite is a solid synthetic material and is best for anywhere there is high humidity or potential exposure to water. It is designed and paintable just like our wood so can be used in the same room and no one ‘wood’ know the difference. Thermalite is different then other ‘composite’ shutters in that it is non-toxic, paintable, insulating and fire proof.

    Shutter Construction

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    Rabbeted Stiles

    Rabbet Stiles allow the shutters to overlap each other when closed to block the light between panels. This provides for a clean transition and appearance. Many companies use an Astrigal strip attached to one of the stiles to cover the gap.

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    Mortised Hinges

    Mortised Hinges are recessed into the panel providing a tighter gap between panels and frame then a non-mortised hinge.

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    Perfect Fit uses 3/8” X 2” fluted and glued dowels spaced every inch for a joint that will last a lifetime.

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    Closure Up & Down

    Perfect Fit’s Wood shutters have a unique Rail design that allows the louvers to close fully both in the up and down position. This adds an additional design element to the look of the shutter.

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    Waterbase Paint

    Perfect Fit uses Low VOC water-based finishes on all of its shutters. Today’s water based finishes have the look of the old Lacquer finishes without the harmful emmisions. Low VOC paints are better for the enviroment, homeowner and painter.

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    Tension Screw

    The climate is Washington ranges from excessive summer humidity to cold winters which can lead to dry indoor heat. These temperature changes can effect the louver tension of the wood shutters. The tension screw allows the shutter to be adjusted if needed.

    Shutter Options

    Clear Tilt

    Clear Tilt is a modern take on Tradional shutters that conceals the Tilt mechanism on the backside of the panel. This allows an unobstructed view through the louvers.

    Double Hung

    Double Hung are full height shutters but the panels are separated so the top and bottom panels open independently, giving complete control the light and privacy.

    Panel Layout

    Most single windows can be covered with either a one or two panels. The two panel layout is a classic design where as the single is a more contemporary look. The advantages of the single panel is that it is provides more view but requires more room to open.

    Curve Tops

    Arches, curves, slants, circles, ovals. hexagons all need to be covered and Perfect Fit has the unique solutions to do it.

    Divider Rail

    Divider rails are a horizontal rail that separates the top and bottom of the panel so that the louvers can open and closed independently.


    Perfect Fit can custom stain the shutters to match your trim. Made of premium basswood, our stain is hand applied with a low voc water base stain and clear topcoat that provides a UV protectant for a finish that stands the test of time.

    Split Tilt Bar

    Split Tilt Bars are separate Tilt bars that allow for the upper and lower louvers to be opened independently. Shutters without a Divider Rail allow a bit more light through when the louvers are open.

    Interior Shutter Hinges

    Perfect Fit offers a number of hinge finishes that can either coordinate with your homes hardware or choose a painted hinge to blend in with your shutters.

    white shutter hinge


    off white shutter hinge

    Off White

    brushed nickel shutter hinge

    Brushed Nickel

    bright nickel shutter hinge

    Bright Nickel

    oil rubbed bronze shutter hinge

    Oil Rubbed Bronze

    bright brass shutter hinge

    Bright Brass

    antique brass shutter hinge

    Antique Brass

    pewter shutter hinge


    custom painted shutter hinge

    Custom Painted

    stainless steel shutter hinge

    Stainless Steel

    What our customers are saying about us

    interior shutters louver size comparison
    rabbeted shutter stiles

    Rabbeted Stiles

    front view of mortised interior shutter hinge
    mortised hinge on interior shutters

    Mortised Hinges

    Thermalite louver and style


    hollow vinyl louver and stile

    Hollow Vinyl

    MDF louver and stile


    While Composite shutters can have benefits over Wood, they are not all the same. The list includes Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Poly Resin Vinyl and Polypropylene (Poly).

    MDF is a compressed wood made up of sawdust and glue and wrapped with a vinyl coating. The vinyl coating can lift off over time or if exposed to too much moisture. The glue typically contains formaldehyde which can be toxic.

    Poly Resin are hollow vinyl shutters. The ends of the louvers and stiles are capped. The tilt bars and louvers are attached with plastic connecters which become brittle over time and break.

    Thermalite is a Poly shutter. It is a solid extruded material that is non-toxic, machinable, and paintable like wood, moisture and fire resistant and insulating.

    dowel shutter construction


    tension screw

    Tension Screw

    shutters with Clear Tilt hidden tilt rod

    Clear Tilt Hidden Tilt Rod

    double hung shutters

    Double Hung

    single panel shutter layout

    Single Panel Layout

    Two-panel shutter layout

    Two-Panel Layout

    shutters with a divider rail

    Shutters With Divider Rail

    shutters with split tilt bar

    Shutters With Split Tilt Bar